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For a list of projects specifically requested, see below:  However, you are encouraged to correct, edit, revise, or provide documentation on any topic.  No sign-in is required.  If you wish to include your discord name, please feel free to do so as this would be helpful if followup is needed.

For the record, documentation needs a lot of work.  How can anything here be communicated more clearly, more effectively.  Be persnickety!

Documentation project (items needed):

1.  Article:  How transaction processing works – This article is a framework and contains details that resemble the process, but are inaccurate in their particulars.  Article needs to be adjusted for accuracy and reorganized for the best flow of details in support of the topic.  The differentiation of mining vs. transaction processing needs to be delineated.  The specifics of the flow of information between nodes needs to be stated precisely.  Editors for this article should feel free to adjust as much as is needed. How can this topic be presented in the most accurate, detailed, and effective way possible?   (website – development – how transaction processing works)

Project type:  Complete or minor corrections.  Posted 4/19/2019

2. Article:  Orientation for developers – Article needed to orient new developers to the Burstcoin developer landscape.  Where to locate resources, platforms, communication channels.  How to participate effectively in the development process.  What information can be provided to a new developer to function as a quick start guide?  No framework article exists, this is a project needing to be completed from the ground up.

Project type:  New article

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  • Simplify documents project page index, alphabetical only
  • began updating theme to avoid over reliance on toggles for structure where state is default open
  • Increase font 1 point site wide
  • moved site to a faster host
  • added collaboration 
  • corrected various misspellings and typos that were submitted
  • combined the BRS installation guide with its software library entry and a model other installation guides, began refining step with focus on a new users perspective. under review.
  • revised front page “future of burstcoin” section to reflect change in focus away from dymaxion to smart contracts, etc.  additional refinement still requested.
  • external links only to open in a new tab for english language pages, will become effective for non english pages with next translation update
  • added dAppository to dAPPs
  • appended qbundle installation guide to qbundle software library entry and moved it to the archived software section, redirected qbundle links to the software library, revised references to qbundle throughout the site
  • adjusted highlighted items on homepage to differentiate from hyperlinks