Burstcoin online resources, the definitive collection

In addition to the collection of software located in the Burstcoin Software Library, the Burstcoin community hosts many services that are accessed exclusively online.  No software installation is required.  Informational websites, social media platforms are also listed here.

There is also a collection of blockchain explorers and observers.  These provide insight into various events happening on the blockchain, such as transactions, block forging, asset overview, and others. Some have extensive charts to provide visual feedback, often putting events into historical context.  Some provide specific insights, such as monitoring mining-related activity or alternate views on network consensus integrity.  These are referred to as observers.  The are several other categories as well.

social media

online games

interactive API

account activator

Note:  Must know public key to utilize this service.  For advanced users only.

online wallets

  • Burstcoin.ro 1
  • Burst-Team (operated by Haitch): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Burstforum: 1, 2, 3

Note:  Online wallets are provided for convenience in certain situations.  Because they are centralized and not trustless, there is a risk that an online wallet could record your passphrase.

Never us an online wallet for valuable accounts.

If you need to check a balance or transaction, you can enter your account’s Reed Solomon address rather than your passphrase for read only access.

blockchain explorers

blockchain observers

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