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From Burstcoin security to wallet selection, the Getting Started guide provides the information needed to succeed.


The definitive collection of open-source and easy to use software is located in the Burstcoin Software Library.


Visit the Burstcoin Documentation Project for more information.  Contribute new documentation or recommend improvements.


Activate a new wallet for mining or to receive a transfer from Bittrex.  Visit the Burstcoin Community Faucet list.


Supporting new users, this section contains Frequently Asked Questions. Help curate by visiting the documentation section.

Burstcoin Organizations

Burst Marketing Fund:

The Burst Marketing Fund (BMF) is a community group formed to address Burstcoin marketing.  Members join by making a significant contribution to the fund, or by joining the group’s Burstcoin mining pool which donates 50% of mining proceeds to the fund.  Membership is also by invitation to those who have made significant contributions to the Burstcoin community by way of development, public relations, or other activities that further Burstcoin adoption.

Marketing activities are funded only by a majority vote of the membership.  Projects funded to date include:

  • A Minecraft plugin – an application that allows Burstcoin to function as an in-game currency.
  • A monthly node operation award – provides an incentive for public nodes meeting minimum up-time requirements.
  • A bounty program to encourage completion of certain tasks supporting software development.

The main discussion channel for this group is   Burst Discord  #Marketing and BMF

Trello board:

Join the BMFBurstPool:

Follow the BMF on Twitter:

Accounts: BMF ( BURST Marketing Funds ),  BMF Development/Bounty Funds,  BMF Exchange Listing Funds 

Burst Applications Team:

For more information regarding the Burst Applications Team’s activities, please see the development section.

Burst Programming Group

The Burst Programming Group is a project to train and orient new programmers so that they will be able to contribute to Burstcoin development more effectively. Please contact the lead developer for this project on the main discord channel.

Lead Developer: 13thfloorelevat0rs

Burst Creative Group

A collaborative group of new, intermediate, and expert graphic designers, graphic artists, and otherwise super creative community members dedicated to advancing Burstcoin.

Discord Server:

Burstcoin Documentation Project

The Burstcoin Documentation Project is a group of editors and translators that assemble, edit, and translate Burstcoin related materials into many of the world’s languages.  This website is a production of the Burstcoin Documentation Project.

To contribute material for the documentation project, please visit:   (no sign-in is required)

All contributions of missing technical documentation, changes, corrections, typos, or just better ways of saying things are appreciated. 

The Burstcoin Documentation Project’s goal is to be the definitive source of information relating to Burstcoin in a manner that showcases the project and the incredible body of work that has gone into making it deserved of a place in any list of top cryptocurrencies.

Together, let’s build a strong and healthy BURST network

BMF Burst Donation Address:


Exchange Listing Fund

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