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Burstcoin Development

Burstcoin is developed officially by the BURST-Alliance. There are currently two constituent groups making up the BURST-Alliance. The BURST Apps Team, a group of highly skilled developers which focuses on the technical aspects of Burstcoin, and the Burst Marketing Fund, which focuses on bringing Burstcoin to a larger audience by funding traditional external marketing, keeping the community informed and engaged, and funding various development initiatives. You can contact these groups easily via the Burstcoin discord ( #marketing-and-bmf and #burst-apps-team.

2018 was a year of astounding progress for Burstcoin. While the overall bear market for cryptocurrencies, from which Burstcoin was certainly not exempt, disguised development progress in a cloak of much lower prices as the difficult year progressed, Burstcoin development soared to the highest level in it four year existence. 2019 is already on course to exceed the high bar set by development in the past year.

Notable development projects started in 2019:Cross-Platform Wallet UI: A rewrite of the Burstcoin wallet software using the latest application development technologies and best practices. Application will have multi-platform support and will improve collaboration, streamline development, and simplify the software development life cycle of Burstcoin wallets into the future.

Lead developer: blankey1337, Burst Apps Team
Technical information: CIP-0018

Incoming Multi-Out Tracking:  A much needed update to more fully integrate multi-out transactions. Multi-out transactions are a recently developed feature of Burstcoin whereby multiple transactions can be combined and sent for a single transaction fee. This project addresses the main technical challenge of combining the transaction records which are currently maintained separately creating an unwelcome balance reconciliation task for those implementing multi-out transactions more extensively.

Lead developer: harry1453
Technical information: CIP-0019

CLI Tool for Interacting with Burst APIs - a Linux CLI tool, fully docemented with examples, descriptions, and an interactive help function, that allows users to interact with the BURST blockchain via API – most notably, creating ATs (smart contracts).

Technical information:
Lead developer: BurstJack

TestNet Environment:  A new test environment designed to better facilitate testing for all new development projects.

Technical information: (

Github Repository:  - A new repository to manage new development projects

Technical Information: (
Lead developer: nixops, Burst Apps Team

Development skills Training: - An inititive to increase the ability of community members to contribute to the development of Burstcoin through training and orientation to Burstcoin technology.

Lead Developer: 13thfloorelevat0rs

Burst Reference Software
New release now available on testnet: Version 2.3.0

Lead Developer:  harry1453

New Pool Software
Upgraded pool software with no license requirement (GNU GPLv3)

Lead Developer:  harry1453

Burst WatchDog
A distributed Burst Network explorer coded in NodeJS. Designed to be ultra-scalable, this project is subdivided into packets of basic and extended functionality so that it can be launched in isolated VMs and containers:

  • brs-crawler (P2P crawler for discovering and P2P querying of the network)
  • BURST-NetX (API and frontend to query shared DB)

Lead Developers:  gpedro & TheDailyToast (update: now live, additional features to follow)

BURST-DEX (new initiative resulting from commnity poll)

Burstcoin pioneered atomic cross chain transactions several year ago with the first successful transaction in crypto history.  With this technology and know how together with smart contracts and other Burstcoin core features, a decentralized exchange is within the awesome possibilites of Burstcoin.

Lead Developer working on the concept:  tank_72 integration proposal

A request has been received from to integrate their service into the new Burst wallet (Phoenix)  – this will allow trading between Burst and other cryptos and purchasing Burst with FIAT from within Phoenix. If integrated into Phoenix, they will list Burst, allowing it to be traded on all sites integrated with ChangeNOW. They have many partners including ClassicEtherWallet, Binance and Bittrex.allet, Binance and Bittrex.

Main Developer:  Burst Applications Team


To date, Burstcoin’s Smart Contract have been quite difficult to use for the average person to use.  A new set of tools making smart contracts more accessable is being developed.

Lead Developer: nixops

gRPC Integration for BURST Mining

gRPC is an alternative to REST API offering faster performance

Lead Developer:  Burst Applications Team

Image of the Phoenix Icon a recent Burstcoin software development project

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