Burstcoin Faucets

Burstcoin faucets, when available, provide a small amount of Burstcoin for various purposes.  This has generally been for providing the initial transaction fee that was necessary to activate a new account’s public key.  (Bittrex requires an activated account in order to make a transfer off of their exchange).  The other common purpose was to provide the transaction fee necessary for setting an account’s reward assignment to join a Burstcoin mining pool.

It is no longer necessary to activate an account when using a Phoenix wallet.  Accounts are activated automatically when the are created.  Addition accounts are also activated automatically when reserved through the “Add New” button under account management.  This feature is not yet available when importing a new account (coming soon).

If you are using the wallet interface included with the BRS Software, this software does not yet offer automatic account activation.  It is necessary to activate these accounts with an outgoing transaction.  Coming soon:  Accounts created using the BRS software will be able to be activated automatically by importing them into a Phoenix wallet temporarily in order to make use of the automatic account activation feature in Phoneix.


Operate a full node and collect NDS-A awards.  This pays daily when your node meets qualifying up-time standards and is online at the time of the daily award distribution.

If you still need to access a faucet, faucets listed here are reliable and verified.  If you experience difficulty with a particular faucet, please select an alternative from the list.

If no faucets are currently listed, you are welcome to visit the official discord channel and request assistance.  Requests for the amount necessary to cover initial transaction fees are usual and welcomed. 


Please note:  All Burstcoin faucets operate with donated funds.  Please make a donation to the faucet that you use when you are able to do so.

Verified Burstcoin Community Faucets

Support your faucet providers . . .

Please support these community faucet operators with a small donation.  Their donation addresses can be found when accessing the faucet sites.  Although Burstcoin faucets no longer play as integral a part in the growth of Burstcoin as they have in the past, those who choose to provide this service from time to time are appreciated.

My Faucet is not Listed Here. What should I do?

If your faucet meets the guidelines for listing, please submit it in the documentation project area below.

Requirements for listing your Burstcoin faucet here

If possible, serve faucet resources using https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).  Do not support your faucet with advertising revenue.  Faucets should be intended as a non-profit service to those who are new to the Burstcoin community and should be maintained to be reliably operational.

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