Network Distribution Strengthen Award (NDS-A)

A reward for full-node operators

The BURST Marketing Fund (BMF) operates a program to encourage the operation of full nodes and keeping nodes up-to-date with the latest software.  It is called the Network Distribution Strengthen Award (NDS-A).  This is funded by the community and paid on a daily basis.  

How to receive the NDS-A award

  • Install or update to the latest version of the Burst Reference Software (BRS)
  • Set P2P.myPlatform = your Burstcoin account in RS format:  ( award will be paid to this account )
  • Set P2P.shareMyAddress = yes
  • Set”P2P.Port = 8123
  • Allow your node to run continuously

The award is paid each time a node has a qualifying up time percentage, is using the latest version of the software, and is online at the time of the daily distribution.

  • To verify your node setup, visit this Burstcoin Network Explorer.  It may take several hours for your node to be discovered by the network.
  • To verify that your node is communicating on Port 8123, visit the open port checker. 

For the complete guide to setting up the latest version of BRS and operating a full node, visit the Burstcoin Software Library.

Note:  Qualifying nodes must have a latency of less than 1000ms.