Alias System

Alias system

The Burstcoin alias system is an open-ended feature that provides a basis for any system that requires mapping or translating alphanumeric texts into any string of Latin characters.  For example, it could form the basis for a decentralized DNS system, an online shopping cart application, etc.

It essentially allows one piece of text to be substituted for another so that keywords can represent other things – names, telephone numbers, physical addresses, websites, account numbers, email addresses, product SKU codes, etc.

A simple application would be to create easy-to-remember aliases for Burstcoin account numbers.

Following are two ways to use Burstcoin aliases without relying on third-party browser plugins.

  • Server-side: A web server analyzes the Burstcoin blockchain and replaces “burst-links” with corresponding addresses before sending HTML documents to users.
  • Client-side: A web browser runs JavaScript code that connects to bootstrapping nodes and replaces “burst-links” with their addresses. This requires embedding a small script using CORS, JSON, or other techniques to execute during an “on-load” event.


  • Send a transaction that states ‘Text A = Text B’.   Use ‘Register Alias’ under the ‘Aliases’ menu.
  • Select the Type: (‘URL’, ‘Account’, or ‘Other’)
  • In the Alias field, enter the name without blank spaces.
  • Depending on the selected Type, the text input field is named URI, Account ID, or Data. The Data field can contain any text.  The maximum length is 1,000 bytes.
  • Enter your Passphrase and click Register.  While the network is processing the alias, it will be listed in italics.
  • After the network has processed the alias, it will be listed in regular font.


  • Send another transaction with a new definition.  Only the account that created an alias can change it.
  • Click on ‘Edit’ behind the alias you want to change.
  • You can modify ‘Type’ and “Data”, but you cannot rename an Alias.
  • Enter Passphrase and click “Update”.


The fee to transfer an alias is always fee quant (the minimum transaction fee).

  • Click on the ‘Transfer’ button behind the alias to be transferred.
  • Enter the Recipient account id and a message (optional).
  • Enter your Passphrase and click ‘Transfer Alias’.


Aliases can be sold to specific Burstcoin accounts or the general public.  When selling aliases, the prices can be set individually.

  • Click on ‘Sell’ behind the alias to be sold.
  • You can sell it to a specific user or offer it on the Burstcoin network.
  • Enter the price and the corresponding data.
  • Confirm with your passphrase and click on ‘Sell Alias’.


Create, buy, sell, or trade.  Substitute one text for another for a variety of programming purposes.


Assign your address to a alias for use on the blockchain - maybe something dark and mysterious

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To contact the development team or request assistance with anything related to this project, please contact us on the Burstcoin Discord channel.