Burstcoin White Papers

Burstcoin white paper, incorporating the best from several predecessors

As a coin resulting from several forks of successive forks of Bitcoin, Burstcoin retains many traits inherited from preceding coins.  As you may know from reading the history of Burstcoin, Burstcoin is a code fork based on an extensive modification of NXT, which itself is a fork of Bitcoin.  As such, there are several relevant white papers.

Second is the NXT community white paper:  With the NXT fork from NXT, Burstcoin removed proof-of-stake and replaced it with proof-of-capacity.  A concept similar to proof-of-capacity is referred to as proof-of-space (no active coins).  The proof of space white paper by Dziembowski, Faust, Kolmogorov, and Pietrzak is nevertheless relevant.  Based on this paper, a proof-of-space cryptocurrency called SpaceMint was proposed in a white paper by Sunoo Park, Kwon, Fuchsbauer, Pietrzak, et al.  Both of these papers are only mentioned as a loose reference.  The SpaceMint paper specifically references Burstcoin.


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