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What is Burstcoin?

Burstcoin is a cryptocurrency and an open-source decentralized blockchain platform that connects people, companies, and financial institutions. Es erlaubt Ihnen, Wert – nach Ihren eigenen Regeln zu verschieben – in einem skalierbaren, grünen und anpassbaren Ledger. This is machine translation (testing translation infrastructure)

Burstcoin is the first and only cryptocurrency to use the Proof-of-Capacity consensus algorithm whereby hashing functions securing the network are pre-computed, written to storage, and retrievable for reuse in the mining process indefinitely. For more information, select ‚About Burstcoin‘ from the main navigation menu. (

When was Burstcoin created?

August 14th, 2014

Is there a video introduction to Burstcoin?

Informative and fast paced videos can be found on the main page of

What is the maximum number of Burstcoins that can exist?


How can I obtain burstcoin to cover my initial transaction fee?

Request the amount necessary to get started in one of the community forums or pool operated faucets. The current amount needed is .00735 Burst. With this amount, you can set the reward recipient on your account (if you will be Burstcoin mining), or set the name on your account (if you will not be Burstcoin mining). Either option will create an outbound transaction that will secure your new account by activating your public key on the blockchain. When you are able, return the Burstcoin that you have received, or pay it forward by assisting a new member to get started as well. Congratulations in advance and welcome to the Burstcoin community. Forums, faucets, and pool operators can be found in the resources section on the home page of

Where can I find the numeric id for my account?

In your wallet, under „Account Balance“, click on „More Information“.

How can I resolve difficulty transferring coins to and from Bittrex?

Bittrex will only transfer to accounts which are active on the blockchain with a public key. (See FAQ 1)

Bittrex requires every deposit to include an un-encrypted message indicating which account is to be credited. Burstcoin encrypts messages by default. If you did not deselect the encryption box, or did not include the required message, contact Bittrex support with all of the details and eventually they will credit your account. It is important to follow instructions carefully and to fully understand what you are doing at all times as it is possible to loose coins due to inadvertent errors such as this.

Where can I buy, sell, or trade Burstcoin for other coins, tokens, or fiat currencies?

A list of exchanges is maintained on the main page of Direct Fiat-to-Burst purchases are currently available on indacoin. Please note: Not all exchanges listed operate in every country. For example, Indacoin does not operate in the United States. One option for individuals in the United States is to purchase Bitcoin at Coinbase, transfer the Bitcoin to Bittrex, and convert the Bitcoin to Burstcoin using a market order.

What is the minimum transaction fee?

Minimum transaction fees were recently reduced with the pre-Dymaxion hard fork. The fee structure is now dynamic with pricing tiers that include cheap, standard, and priority. This fee structure will allow transactions to be prioritized in times of heavy volume. The minimum transaction fee is now .007535 burst.

Security Questions
Should I store my Burstcoin in an offline wallet, online wallet, or on an exchange?

This is a personal choice that should be made with the security in mind as there are benefits to each depending on your circumstances. If you are not absolutely certain that your computer or other devices are safe from hackers, key stroke loggers, etc., it is safest to leave your coins on a reputable exchange with two factor authentication activated. Two factor authentication requires a secondary method to identify yourself. For example, you may be required to enter a pin number that is text messaged to you when log in or before making a transfer. This protects your coins if your exchange password is ever compromised. Local wallets can be a safe option if your computer and passphrase is secure. If you decide to use an online wallet, the reputation on the provider is very important. You might maintain the majority of your holdings in a local wallet for cold storage, a few coins on an exchange for trading, and another amount in an online wallet for convenience. There is no limit on the number of wallets you can maintain. (see faqs 6 & 7)

Are the system generated 12 word passphrases secure?

These have been designed to be secure. It has been estimated that a systematic attack testing all possible combinations of words from the selection set (dictionary) against an account (known as a brute force attack) would require 13,537,856,339,904,134,474,012,675,034 years to be successful. While the system generated passphrase is secure, many users adjust the passphrase by adding an element of complexity (entropy) such as special characters, numbers, capitalization, or a few extra words in a foreign language. These and other modifications to increase complexity are permitted and will not adversely affect the operation of your wallet. They may even provide a degree of psychological comfort. (See FAQs 5 & 7)

For more information, see the following analysis:

What other security measures can I take to keep my coins safe?

Before transferring coins to a new wallet, verify your passphrase by signing in and out of your wallet until you are comfortable that your record of the passphrase is accurate. Keep at least two copies of your passphrase in separate locations. Do not disclose your passphrase to anyone who cannot absolutely be trusted with it. Will your passphrase still be available to you if your computer is stolen, after a natural disaster, or to your estate or other trusted individual if this should be necessary? Your passphrase is your only access to your Burstcoin assets. Depending on the value of your account, extraordinary measures should be employed to protect it. Your security plan might include multiple wallets, one or more for cold storage, one or more for convenience, and another for special activities such as mining or operating a full node. (See FAQs 5 & 6)

Community and Organization Questions
Why does the development team choose to remain anonymous?

Each member of the development team operates with varying and self-selected degrees of anonymity while remaining accessible and approachable through public forums and other methods of communication. The development team is comprised of highly skilled individuals that have demonstrated leadership for the Burscoin community and have produced results that are readily observable from the advanced state and success of Burstcoin today. The development team is not immutable in its constituency as its membership changes from time to time as development needs are identified and met. Some members will move on to other projects and interests. Each is invested in the success of Burstcoin and works for the community without remuneration or other advantage, each seeking to maximize the value of burst, and as a direct result, the value of their individual portfolios acquired through market based arm’s length transactions. The degree to which an individual member of the development team chooses to remain anonymous is a personal choice considering their individual desire for privacy, limits to their engagement, and security concerns. The best way to reach the development team is to post a comment in one of the public forums.

Does Burstcoin partner with 3rd parties and businesses? Who should I contact?

Burstcoin is a currency with a robust platform that is attractive to many businesses for a variety of use cases. In the sense that Burstcoin is a currency, it cannot have partners. In the sense that Burscoint is a platform with a public blockchain, the Burstcoin community, through its current leadership team, seeks to maximize Burst’s value to businesses and 3rd parties in the same way that it does for individual community members. From time to time, there will be joint development processes in place assisting businesses who join the burst community. In this context, the word “partnership” is useful and does not imply that burstcoin will constrain itself to the interest of any third party. The development team will engage in mutually beneficial cooperation with 3rd parties when doing so is understood to maximize the value and utility of burst. The burstcoin development team greatly values those who contribute to Burstcoin by adopting its public platform to address their internal public blockchain needs.

How can I contribute to the success of Burstcoin and the Burstcoin community?

Run a local wallet as a public node to assist with network growth and synchronization. If you are a programmer, contact the development team on discord to offer project assistance in the area of your expertise. Raise awareness whenever you can without engaging in the practice known as ‘shilling’. Help translate burst materials into your local or 2nd language (Esperanto?). Learn to assist others who will be getting started and will have the same type of questions related to Burstcoin that you do.

How can I follow development progress and general news about the community?

Subcribe to The Burstcoinist, a weekly summary newsletter related to these topics. For an informative history of Burstcoin development, take the time to read the first issue and each subsequent issue in chronological order. As they say, “it’s a good read”.

What are the official websites, forums, and other official Burstcoin resources?

For a list of Burstcoin related websites and forums, see the resources section on the main page of

Are there resources available in languages other than English?

Yes, some resources have been developed and others are in progress. Translation assistance is always needed to make Burst more accessible to communities throughout the world. These are listed in the resources section on the front page of

Roadmap Questions
Does Burst have a roadmap?

Yes, the roadmap is located on the front page of

What is the Dymaxion?

The Dymaxion white paper is located here: Burst Dymaxion

A less technical treatise on the subject is located here:

I have a great idea for Burstcoin, how should I proceed?

Great ideas are always welcome! Please submit your idea to the development team on Burst’s discord channel located here: . Post in #technical-discussion, #marketing, #general or other section as applicable. Please understand that the Burstcoin community extends across every time zone so not all community members are available at all times. If your idea has merit, you will likely be contacted by a more senior member of the community or the development team for more information. Many ideas that may be new to you will have already been discussed by the community in the past. Some have been thoroughly evaluated and Burstcoin has moved permanently in a different direction. As an example, any variation on the theme of incorporating “proof-of-stake” has been determined to be opposed to Burstcoin’s commitment to the „proof of capacity“ consensus algorithm.

Will the Development team burn any coins?

Nein. Burstcoin was not introduced with an ICO (initial coin offering) so there are no remaining undistributed coins to be “burned” in that sense. Each coin in existence was mined individually starting with the genesis block reward. While it is possible to “burn” a coin by sending it to an account for which there is no access, there are no plans to reduce the number of coins in circulation by doing so. If any coins are “burned” by anyone, this could only be done by an individual “burning” personal coins that have been acquired for this purpose at market rate and in an arm’s length transaction. The development team recently considered the number of coins in circulation and the lowest available denomination (referred to as a Planck) and determined that these amounts are ideal and will not constrain universal adoption if that is to be the future of Burstcoin.

Wallet and Software Questions
When will there be an IOS wallet?

An IOS wallet has been developed. However, Apple has not yet approved it for distribution through the Apple store. Apple does not readily approve cryptocurrency applications.

Which local, online, or mobile wallet should I use?

Windows users can download Qbundle, a package that installs the BRS wallet and related software with just a few clicks. This, as well as wallet software for Mac, Android, Linux, Derbian, and Ubuntu can be found on the main page of in the wallets and software sections.

What should I do if my wallet will not start?

Click on settings, Java, verify that “portable java” has been selected. Did this solve the problem?

If you have just upgraded your wallet to a new version, close the wallet completely, reopen, and restart. Did this solve the problem?

If your wallet is using the H2 database, you can likely resolve this issue by changing the database type to portable MariaDB. Select ‘Database’, ‘change database’, ‚portable MariaDB‘, and click ‚Next‘. This will require a re-synchronization of the blockchain from the genesis block and may take a significant amount of time. (See FAQ 10)

What should I do if my wallet starts but will not completely synchronize?

This is a new answer and is not fully vetted. If you are syncing the wallet for the first time, there may have been a drop in your connection. Restart the wallet. If the wallet appears to be syncing from and earlier time, wait for a few minutes and restart the wallet again. If wallet does not appear to be back on track, click on „wallet“, click on „Rollback chain (Popoff), select a number of blocks (use the recommended amount), and click „rollback“. Did this resolve the issue?

Why does my balance appear to be incorrect when I log into my account?

Synchronization with the blockchain occurs each time a wallet is opened. Until synchronization is complete, older balances will be displayed. If, after synchronization has completed, the balance still appears to be incorrect, verify that you have entered the correct passphrase into the correct account. If you have copied and pasted your passphrase, verify that you have not inadvertently copied an extra space before or after the passphrase. At this point any difference between the displayed balance and the perceived correct balance should be reconcilable by reviewing recent transactions.

Is there a faster way to synchronize the blockchain?

It is recommended that you use portable MariaDB rather than H2. If you have not done so already, you can make the change at any time, but it can time consuming. (See FAQ 9) Regarding a faster download method, in the Qbundle wallet, select ‘Database’, ‘Import database’. Verify that the ‘CryptoGuru repository’ is selected, and then ‘start import’. This will download a relatively fast and up-to-date copy of the blockchain in a process referred to as ‘boot strapping’. When complete, the most recent blocks will be updated automatically using regular peer to peer synchronization.

How can I set up a node?

All Burstcoin wallets operate as public nodes by default while open. It may be necessary to open port 8123 on your internet router in order for your wallet to function as such. Running a public node continuously (24/7) is one of the most important and easiest ways you can contribute to the burst community. You can verify that your public node is operating as follows:

Click on the following link:

In your browser, replace the “X”s with your external IP address and then refresh the link. (If you do not know your ip address, type „what is my ip address“ into google). The results will inform you of your public node status. If your public node is not recognized after a period of time, it may be that your 8123 is closed. An easy way to check this is to visit Opening port 8123 may require access to your internet router’s settings. As each router may be different, you can check for advice on one of the forums or contact your ISP (internet service provider) for assistance. A common username for many routers is “admin” with a password of “admin”.

Exchange Information and Exchange Rate Questions
When will Burstcoin be listed on a particular exchange?

Exchanges will occasionally list a coin upon client request. Some exchanges require a listing fee. Current, larger exchanges are changing the way they consider applications and at least one major will be donating the exchange listings fees that they collect to charity. You can request that Burstcoin be listed on your favorite exchange by contacting them and providing details such as the information found in the exchanges section on the front page of

When will the value of Burstcoin increase?

Burstcoin development is focused on refining its fundamentally sound and unique technology rather than short term gains or the day to day exchange rate. It is anticipated that exchange rates will increase when the value of its underlying technology is more fully recognized. With this recognition will come greater adoption, and with greater adoption will come increasing exchange rates. Much attention is given to the environmental disaster that accompanies the PoW (proof of work) consensus algorithm that is the darling of Bitcoin and so many altcoins. Because Burstcoin was the first (and currently only) cryptocurrency in existence that has adopted the environmentally friendly PoC (proof of capacity) consensus algorithm, greater awareness and appreciation of this distinction will almost certainly lead to increasing exchange rates over time.

General Mining Questions
How profitable is mining Burst?

Many people mine Burstcoin as a service to the community without regard to profitability, just as they might run a 24/7 public node. All of these activities contribute to the stability and continued decentralization of Burstcoin. Burstcoin mining is incredibly inexpensive however, and can also be profitable, especially considering the potential for upward price movement in the future. It is actually quite fun and provides a sense accomplishment when you get your mining operation working just so.

The following calculator gives you an average expected earnings over time: (assumes 100% up time, average luck, no overlapping plot files, a good scan time, etc.)

What is difference between ‘solo’ and ‘pool’ mining?

With “solo” mining your software submits mining results (deadlines) in direct competition for the lowest deadline value against all other “solo” and “pool” miners. With this setup you receive the entire block reward. However, the rewards can be infrequent depending on the cumulative size of your plot files. With “pool” mining, you join forces with other miners and share block rewards earned by the pool. With “pool” mining you can expect smaller payouts per block but will receive these payouts more frequently. Each pool divides rewards differently so you will want to evaluate each pool’s reward distribution method to find one that is right for your mining setup.

A pool generally has 2 basic numbers that denote pay-out method in the format ‘XX-XX’. The first number is the percent of the block reward that is paid to the miner submitting the winning deadline on behalf of the pool. The second is the percentage that is shared with other members of the pool. It is a common misconception that 0 - 100 pools are only intended for miners with up to 100 terabyte capacity. This is not the case, 0 - 100 signifies that all block rewards are shared by all of the miners.

Do I have to leave my wallet open to continue mining?

No, if you are using Blago’s miner, included with QBundle, once you have started mining, the miner is independent of your wallet. You can exit your wallet, or leave it running as desired. Other mining software should operate in this same way. If you are running a node however, the related wallet must remain open.

Why is my wallet not reflecting any earning from mining?

f you are mining solo, you may not have successfully forged a block. If your plot size is relatively small, you will have better luck mining with a pool. If you are already mining with a pool, check the pools distribution requirements. Because mining payments are subject to transaction fees, most pools require you to accumulate a certain amount of Burst before they will make a payout. Some pools make their payouts on a set schedule as well so your reward may simply not be payable yet. If you have only been mining for a short time, but long enough to have received a payment, it may be that you have entered an incorrect value in your reward recipient setting.

How do I see what I have pending?

Become familiar with your pools user interfaces. For most, you can look for you burst ID and locate the information that you need presented in a grid format. Many have a column for „pending Burst“. Review your pool’s documentation or contact their support if necessary.

When will block rewards end and the last coin be mined?

Block rewards (although diminishing over time) will continue into 2026 when it is anticipated that the last coin will be mined. Transaction fees will continually increase during this time due to the expanding number of transactions that will be processed on the burst network. Mining profitability will slowly transition from being primarily based on block rewards to primarily based on transaction fees over this same period.

Can I game while mining Burstcoin?

Some people have done so, but depending on the number of drives that you have in operation and how resource intensive your gaming is, you may experience degradation of performance at some point. With this level of resources at your disposal, you will likely have to experiment to see what works.

Can I CPU mine Burstcoin while GPU mining other coins?


What is a ‘plot’?

A plot is a file that contains the pre-computed hashes that are used to mine Burstcoin. A plot is tied to an account, but they can be created (with the same account ID) on other machines and transferred back to your mining computer. It is a common strategy to plot hard drives using computers with faster CPUs or GPUs and then mine the disks using computers with slower CPUs.

Why do overlapping plots matter?

Having overlapping plots means that a portion of your drive has duplicate plot files. Plot your drives carefully to avoid this overlap. If you find that you have overlapping plot files and can identify them, it is best to re-plot these sections to assure best possible utilization of your available hard drive space. Overlap in your plot files will not cause a malfunction, but it will waste space that would otherwise be productive.

Why is my effective capacity reported differently than my actual plot size?

Effective capacity is calculated from the frequency and quality of your submitted deadlines. If you have only been mining for a few hours, it will take some additional time for your true capacity to be realized. Your effective capacity on pool will fluctuate (normally plus or minus 5% but sometimes up to 10%). Setting a maximum reported deadline on some pools will lead to a better calculation of your effective capacity. Revisit this setting periodically for best results.
If you have overlapping plots, your effective capacity will be lower than expected.

Why are my plots being corrupted when GPU mining Burst and other coins?

It is recommended that you dedicate your GPU to either the task of plotting or to the task of mining rather than trying to do both at the same time. Plotting is by design a temporary activity. You should probably suspend mining until the task of plotting is complete.

Why are my read times so slow?

There are many reasons for this, if your computer is relatively modern, it may have both USB2 and USB3 hubs. The USB3 hub will provide better performance. For more advance mining information, such as building mining rigs, visit the mining subreddit. You will likely find more detailed information than can be provided in a simple FAQ. The mining subreddit is located here:

Where can I find additional mining information?

Additional resources can be found at the following locations:

Mining Hardware Questions
What hardware is recommended?

It depends on so many variables. Burstcoin can be mined on consumer grade computers, even those that are several years old. It is likely than any mining configuration undertaken today will eventually be profitable as the value of Burstoin rises with further development, marketing, and wide scale adoption. If you want to build a Burstcoin mining rig with capabilities beyond a basic system supporting the network and earning a few coins, you can get the latest recommendations from one of the community forums such as the Burscoin mining subreddit located here:

If I use SSDs (solid state drives) would I earn more?

Nein. Because mining success is based approximately on 95% plot file capacity and only 5% related to the time it takes to read the plot files, and because SSDs are currently so much more expensive than regular drives, it is far more profitable to invest in regular drives with a lower cost per terabyte. A popular starting point is an external 8 Terabyte drive from Western Digital or Seagate. The difference in price between these drives and a more expensive SSD would be better invested in buying Burstcoin directly from one of the exchanges.

Is any particular model of hard drive better for mining?

When given a choice between hard drives of the same capacity, the cheapest is usually best. Divide the cost by the number of terabytes to establish the cost per terabyte and go with the lower cost per terabyte option, assuming they are both covered by comparable warranties. 8 terabyte drives are currently the best value among the readily available consumer hard drives, but price differences do exist between different manufactures. Remember, you can start by using a portion of your existing computer’s hard drive and add an additional external drive later.

Why do some drives take longer to plot?

SMR drives take a particularly long time to plot. If using an SMR drive, start by plotting onto an SSD and then move the plots to the SMR. This will make the process much faster. Plotting software with the capability to do this automatically has been developed and can be found here:


What is a good source for hard drives?

Ebay is good source for previously owned drives, drives in job lots, and refurbished drives with short or no warranties. Amazon, Best Buy, Frys Electronics, and Micro Center are popular options for new drives depending on your geographic location. Any retail establishment that stocks hard drives is a good option if the price in competitive.

Can I mine on NAS (network attached storage)?

Technically yes, however, mileage may vary. Mining with NAS is generally slower as it is dependent on network speed between the NAS and the scanning computer. With a plot size over 8 – 16 terabytes, the network speed might become an issue.

Can I mine on Google drive or other cloud based storage?

Maybe yes, but probably no. It may depends on your service level agreement. You may find yourself blocked for various reasons. This space changes from time to time so do research and report back if you find success. Some cloud based services have terms and conditions that specifically disallow cryptocurrency mining.

Can I mine on multiple machines with the same account?

Yes, but be prepared for small issues such as your effective plot size being reported incorrectly. Be sure that you do not have overlapping plot files.

Mining Software Questions
What mining software should I use?

The Qbundle wallet includes Blago’s miner which is commonly used for CPU mining. Other mining software has been developed, such as Creepsky and Scavenger, and is being used successfully. Please see the software section on the front page of for the full collection of mining software.

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